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Michelle Ferguson-Cohen, author and illustrator of Daddy, You're My Hero! and Mommy, You're My Hero!, is a proud military brat. She has been touted as "Dr. Seuss for Military Brats" by the press. She is the daughter of a retired, career military officer and Airborne Ranger who served two tours in Vietnam, the sister of a veteran who served in support of the Gulf War and the granddaughter of a soldier KIA in WWII.

The first titles released from her Books for Brats TM series, Ferguson-Cohen wrote and illustrated the "You're My Hero!" children's picture books to help kids coping with deployment. The books are used by parents, educators and counselors, and are unique because they are written in a non-authoritative manner from a child's perspective. The books give children language to express feelings regarding a parent's absence, provide simple coping mechanisms and convey a message of love and pride in family and community. The author hopes, in addition to comforting children, the books will continue to serve as an accurate and responsible representation of military families in the media.

In an effort to maintain her vision and mission, Ferguson-Cohen established Little Redhaired Girl Publishing, Inc. to publish the Books for Brats series. Future Books for Brats titles are scheduled for 2006 release. Little Redhaired Girl Publishing will also publish general interest children's titles by Ferguson-Cohen.

Prior to her career as an artist and author, Michelle was an entertainment executive and an entrepreneur in the music industry. She was the founder and President of MFPR, a music management and marketing company based in New York and London for 7 years. She was on the team (Radiohead, Oasis) that produced the record-setting benefit album HELP and concert (Pavarotti, U2). The proceeds from HELP went to War Child, an organization that helps children affected by war.

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